UI/UX Design Projects

UI/UX Design

TravelEasy Express

An all-in-one solution for hassle-free inter-state travel and logistics in Nigeria, offering convenience, transparency, and reliability.

Astute Business Consult

A transformative website project embodying strategic brilliance and sustainable growth, Astute Business Consult’s platform empowers businesses with innovative solutions, delivering a seamless user-centric experience.


A website project that epitomizes sophistication and empowerment, offering a diverse range of premium hair products while ensuring a seamless, user-centric experience.

SmartPrime Doc

An app that helps primary care doctors work more efficiently. The app has a unique design that makes it easy to use, so doctors can use it smoothly and quickly.

Spendwise Website

The website version of a user-friendly financial management company app offering expense tracking, budgeting, savings cultivation, and ad-free experiences to empower users in their journey to financial wellness.


A web design project for DesignLab, a design agency. The design showcases the company’s strengths and value propositions. 

Home Build

A web design project for Home Build, a roofing company. The design showcases the company’s strengths and expertise for easy customer understanding. 


An incredibly innovative online platform offering an unrivaled level of excellence in cryptocurrency services. The wonderfully crafted UIUX design of CryptoGen makes it an absolute breeze to navigate and truly elevates the user experience to new heights.

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